Monday, March 21, 2011

First Dirt

Sunday, I had intentions to ride. Originally I planned on a road ride but when I woke up Sunday morning with temps below freezing (22 degrees) I knew that this might be my last chance to ride the mukluk with a bit of snow on the ground. I figured the ride would either be a total blast with solid, frozen trails or totally suck balls in a quagmire of shit. Thankfully, it ended up being a blast.  Some of the north facing trails retained their snow pack and were a post holey nightmare but most of the trails had lost 95% of the snow so actual single track was had.

singletrack, it's in there.
really, it is
a river runs through it.  to be fair, this trail is actually in a stream bed year round

and a cool tree I saw.  no the sky wasn't actually red but it fit the tree 
as well as something else that happened on the ride 

You may remember that a couple of years ago, I got attacked by a hawk while riding in the preserve and being the blog whore that I am I got a video.  Well, Sunday I met my arch nemesis again.

Thankfully, no attacking happened this time.  Just some circling and scaring me but I now know where the nest is (about 50' off the trail) so I'm sure we'll meet again sometime this summer.


the original big ring said...

north carolina in two weeks - be there or be a waffle iron . . . leave the hand warmers at home, i won't need them


Nonnie said...

uhggg...the hawke! If you get attacked this year again, please film it for my general enjoyment

rick is! said...

oh, you can count on it. I was actually HOPING the bastard would attack me. what's a little scalp loss when there is blogging to be had?

br, I'll be in florida in three weeks going to disney. that's almost as good right???

Anonymous said...

Your video work was a Rick Is version of the Blair Witch Project WITH a Hawke hawking you....nice work! To take the time to bring up some potentional attack cam of yourself to fellow blog whores is worthy of praise!
Good to see you on some Single Track.