Friday, February 18, 2011


Last night's ride was an epic fail.  Temps climbed into (or near at least) 50 during the day but quickly dropped to the mid thirties after dark.  I knew that the real snowmobile trails would be in great shape for the mukluk but thought I'd take a chance and check out the trails right near the house instead.  Boy was that stupid.  My snowshoe trails were packed enough to ride but a little too narrow to navigate well.  One wrong move and I'd auger into the unpacked snow on the side of the trail to the tune of 12".  There were many near snow naps.

snowshoe trails
There was also a fair share of post holing to be had.  Mostly on infrequently used snowmobile trails that just hadn't been packed enough.  I'm so damn enamored with the mukluk that sometimes I forget that it can't actually ride EVERYTHING.  While I was slogging and life hating, a small Bather contingent went out for a ride on the snowmobile trails in Bath.  I had poo-poo'd the idea of them going out on their regular mtbs after a day well above freezing but it turns out their trails were primo and everybody had a great time.  The Bathers can suck it!


X-train time: :20
Ride time: 1:30
Ride distance: 11 miles

Total run time: 14:40
Total ride time: 19:20
Total distance: 145 miles
Weight: 187.2

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