Friday, February 11, 2011

Sneak Peak

Right here boys and girls is a sneak peak at Carver's new carbon 96'er.  KB was riding the prototype last night for our Bathers in Damariscotta ride.  Good looking bike but it still needs work in the lateral stiffness department I guess.  That's what prototypes are for!

can't see crap?  well that's because my point and shoot now, officially, takes worse pictures than 99% of camera phones out there these days.  it's less than 2 years old and it sucks a d**k.

The Damariscotta snowmobile trails were in pretty good shape last night allowing the five of us to rip it up for over two hours.  Things could have been a bit firmer (and probably were before the groomer came out and churned things up) but it was good fun and nice to get out with the boys.  Me thinks I'll be hitting the trails again sometime this weekend on the mukluk.

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Dan said...

I'm sure your less than 2 year old camera works better than my 3 year old cell phone. And on a sad note, (at least for me) this week I saw a groomer getting towed by a dump truck down by me just south of Providence. So much for the whole global warming thing.