Thursday, February 10, 2011

Out With the New

For somewhere between 1 & 4 years (I'm too lazy to find out) my buddy Jason has been putting out an e-rag called XXC.  I've purchased or received digital copies for a good percentage of the issues but, until just recently, hadn't picked up one of the print versions.  I'm almost never on the computer at home and reading an e-mag like XXC requires the type of full screen viewing which isn't conducive to in office reading.  So, until now, I've only been able to skim most copies.  I've only read the first article of the printed rag so far but I must say, it's nice to browse the mag at your leisure while sitting on the throne.  Somebody should have thought of this whole paper magazine concept a long time ago.  It seems so obvious to me now.  Jason, you're a genius of infantile proportions.

it goes really well with some minced garlic

I've got a snowmobile trail ride with the Bathers tonight and I psyched.  I checked the trails yesterday on my way home and they look P-R-I-M-O!  We'll be railing on actual xc bikes tonight instead of the snow bikes.  I've also made the (apparently based on comments from the others) bold proclamation that I will be running my regular xc tires vs the studded snows.  Call me crazy but I'd rather have the comfort and control of the regular tires for the 95% of the ride that is ice free and take my chances in the icy spots.  Of course, you might want to check back in tomorrow to see if I have a broken wrist or not...


Alby King said...

Begs the question: Have you ever gone off the road in your car because of snow-tires?

Jason said...

Thanks man. Glad you dig it. For the record it's 2 years. Fingers crossed for 3!