Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Prime Time

It seems we're hitting prime time snow bike season in Maine right now. The trails are P-E-R-F-E-C-T for the fat tires. On the right day, the snowmow trails are good for a regular xc bike. Last Thursday, for example, I was able to ride with the Bathers and the Mukluk wasn't needed but it sure would have been nice to have. For some reason I took the El Mariachi because I felt I didn't want a competitive disadvantage if the conditions were super fast. Stupid me. The El was fine but the Muk would have been better and since when am I afraid of a little extra work? Shit, KillBill carries 40 lbs in his pack on most rides for a little extra workout.

Sunday morning I snuck out for close to two hours on the local snowmobile trails. I needed to scope out a go-around for a large logging operation which had me and the Bathers a bit baffled (and slightly concerned for our safety) Thursday night. I had spied a trail that looked promising on Thursday night so I set out Sunday to see if I could connect point A to point B.
After a few false starts (and ending up in several people's front yards) I finally found what I thought was my ticket. An old road which appeared to be the logging operation's access road. I knew of a trail off of that road that skirted the operation but never knew how to get on the road before. A quick chat with a local trail groomer and I was on my way to success. It was so successful that I had extra time on my hands so I set out to see what other trails had to offer and was rewarded with single track like (at least as close as you can get with a 3.5' wide machine) trails and another option to extend the loop by 1/2-3/4 hrs.
Afterwards, B and I headed to see Disney's Princess' on Ice. Daddy and B needed some alone time so Marcy was able to stay home and enjoy her new IPad (romantic enough for valentines day? I think so) and some much deserved peace and quiet.  Good times were had, B ingested enough sugar to keep her going for 48 hours and she was able to work on her "look how cute and pathetic I am, buy me something" look that I've been teaching her.  It's much less annoying than whining and at least 1000% more successful.  In fact, it cracks me up so much when she does it that I want to buy her shit.


I realized this morning that I haven't been updated my log recently so today's totals are semi educated guesses from the last couple of weeks.  Also, I've changed "run time" to "x-train time" since I'm not doing much running right now but am doing other shit.

X-train time: :4:30
Ride time: 6:15
Ride distance: 32 miles

Total run time: 12:55
Total ride time: 17:25
Total distance: 127 mil

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