Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back On Track?

For the last few weeks things have felt weird "training" wise.  I was getting out for some rides and some snowshoeing but rarely for any length or intensity because I just wasn't feeling "it".  I'm not sure what happened last night but after an extremely stressful 11 hour work day involving a 6 hour client meeting and scrambling to do all of my other work before and after I just didn't have the energy to do my planned mukluk ride.  I was too mentally drained to even consider it.  Instead, I somewhat shamefully decided to hang in for the night.  Of course some snuggle and play time with B brought me around so I decided at 8pm to head out for a jog with the pooch.  I haven't run in at least a couple of months at this point because the trails haven't been firm enough and I'd rather sit through a double dong-ectomy than run on the road.  Thankfully, I discovered on Tuesday that my snowshoe trails are finally ready since we haven't had snow in a couple of weeks and have had a couple of nice warm days to pack things down.  Once on the trail I instantly felt alive again.  The cobwebs in my brain cleared and I felt invigorated.  Rejoice.

I decided to harness this newfound (and possibly very short lived) vigor to do another run with the pooch this morning, a commute by bike and if all goes well a mukluk ride tonight.  That'll set the right tone for the upcoming weekend for sure.  It's only three months before my first race so I'd better figure out the recipe and quick!


X-train time: 1:25
Ride time: :25
Ride distance: 7 miles

Total run time: 14:20
Total ride time: 17:50
Total distance: 134 mil

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