Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ugly Sweaters

Over the weekend Marcy and I partook in the oh so popular new trend, an ugly sweater party at our friends Chris and Sarah's place. Personally, I think it was Chris's idea because I've seen his sweater collection and lets just say he wouldn't have to dig too deep into his closet to find something suitable. Marcy and I tried and tried (ok, Marcy tried) to find us appropriate sweaters in local thrift shops but nothing surfaced so, in the end, we had to do the unthinkable and go to the land when people think ugly sweaters are "cute" and "pretty". Yep, we bought our sweaters at WalMart. The same ugly, uncomfortable pieces of shit that some poor tasteless schlep will be wearing non-ironically to a company or family gathering this year. The hideous acrylic thing that Marcy picked up for me was a woman's xxl with plenty of room for big boobies and loss of self esteem. Thankfully I have plenty to go around (self esteem not big boobies) so I still came out unscathed and, somehow, unphotographed.

Sarah got to wear the gimp mask.

"this is my sunday best" chris
Marcy almost making the acrylic abomination look good.
and no picture of me.  Yay!


Trevor Woodford said...

How did you manage to not have your photo taken..?
Ugly sweater party Eh. I suppose that will be coming over here as the next big thing.

rick is! said...

dunno how it happened. I just downloaded the pics and sure enough, no me.

Alby King said...

Crap. My timing is off again. I just donated about 80lbs of clothes I don't wear.

rick is! said...

you know you have too many clothes when you refer to them in weight.