Friday, December 17, 2010

Lucky 13

Thursday, instead of hitting up the Bathers ride I would be going to B's first Christmas concert.  B, the most shy kid in class, up on stage singing in front of a crowd of several hundred.  It was either going to be the cutest thing in the world or a horrible disaster with lots of tears and blubbering.  Thankfully, it went off without a hitch, B was adorable on stage, sang her lil 5 year old heart out and the only crying to be seen was from her proud family in the audience.  Kind of lame really but I'm a big softie who went from being big tough guy before we had B to being Mr. I Cry During Commercials.  Chicks dig dudes who cry like every five minutes right?  Anyway, the concert meant that I needed to find an alternate ride for the day so I gave the low teens temps the high hard one and headed out for a mountain bike commute in the morning.  13 bone chilling degrees (if you squint really hard, turn around three times and rub your belly you'll see that is a 13 in the above picture.  and without even squinting you can see that the kitchen was at my most favoritest temp), firm singletrack and proper attire meant a good time was to be had.  The only two downsides is that my Avid Juicy Ultimates don't seem to like it when it's real cold and a 1.5 hour ride in that cold with no food in the belly (only two cups of coffee) can leave the systems a bit depleted.

There was still plenty of slush around to pack up the tires.  Thankfully, it never stopped me from riding.

proper attire = hiding chin fat

"roosted" corner.  if you trusted your tires, two wheel drift and were willing to eat it on occasion, some of the corners could be roosted a bit.  this photo doesn't look like much but the combo of snow and thick leaves left the poop shoot in pucker mode as I let it all hang out (as much as my berries would allow)

I swear, this looked really nice in real life but my photog skillz suck Tijuana donkey. 

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