Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Last week I posted that things were getting back to normal ride wise with me getting a couple of commutes and a "group" ride in.  I guess I shouldn't have spoken so soon since this week has been a complete bust.  I blame those sill, world renowned oyster growers   in the Damariscotta river for my current set back.  That one river holds 90% of the state's oyster crop (which isn't huge compared to some industries but is still massively important for the state) and that one river has now been infested (correct word?) with MSX, a disease that kills oysters before they mature essentially meaning the near death of the industry until they figure out what to do about it.  You might ask, "What the frig does that have to do with anything?  You're really stretching for excuses now!" but you'd be a total schmuch if you did ask even if it is true that I'll clamor for excuses whenever possible.  You see, Marcy is right smack dab in the middle of it since she monitors the farms and is helping spearhead what to do about it.  Basically, it's Marcy's time to shine so it's my time to whine.  So, needless to say, all riding has stopped temporarily until things are sorted out.  If you ask me, millions of dollars of local revenue and Marcy making a name for herself is hardly worth me missing a couple of rides.  Some people can be so selfish!

I am still managing to run a few days a week and have been able to witness how quickly the trails I raked last week have disappeared into the leaves after Friday's wind storms.  I do, thankfully, have my tennis elbow I developed while raking with me as a fond memory of those beautifully clear and easy to navigate trails. 

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the original big ring said...

i've been sick for two weeks straight and have been cultivating oysters of my own in my lungs and sinuses . . . will send some photos if you like.