Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Weekend That Was
We were blessed with a beautiful weekend this past weekend and, for once, I didn't squander it doing this and that and what-not.  Instead, on Saturday, B and I took advantage of a daddy/daughter day and headed to Verge stop #3 to check out what this whole cyclocross scene is all about.  I've actually done a couple of cross races in the past myself and sort of enjoyed them but it was time to see what New England's finest could do.

We got there just in time to catch the elite women's race.  I figured it's never too early to show B how fast and fun it can be on a bike and seeing some fast mo-fo women tear it up was a good way to start.

Colin's team had some ladies off the front the whole race.

the elite men's start
Colin ripping towards a barrier section
only to do a little two step for the crowd

Sadly, B wanted more than anything to see someone bunny hop the barriers so we set up camp to witness it but missed the only hopping of the day on lap one because we had moved to witness the mass start.  Sad.

used to be blogger, Burnsy unknowingly (I think) almost giving me the finger
just by coinkydink, we ran into team manager extraordinaire Big "don't call me gay" Al, 
KillBill, Amanda and Trevor
Then, on Sunday I was up bright and early (kinda) to work on the house and then squoze (that seems like it should be a word) in a mtb ride during Brynna's nap since pounding and cutting with power tools was out of the question.  The front end creak was really starting to drive me batty during the ride so afterwards I pulled the fork out to see if I had a crack or something in the head tube or steerer.  But I found nothing so I loosely re-installed the fork and went about my way.

This morning, as I prepared for my commute I went to tighten the headset and found what the problem was but for that (not so) juicy little tid bit, you'll have to wait til tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Mean mean....give.the.tid.bit.;-) Good to hear yr travellng... well ;-)

rick is! said...

don't get too excited. I did say (not so) juicy...