Monday, October 18, 2010


This weekend I did my first repeats in quite a while  Wait, repeats is a running term.  Us cyclists like to use the term "intervals" instead.  So, like I said, I did intervals this weekend but not the kind that you'd think.  I have a hard enough time doing intervals during race season.  This time of year?  Fat freakin chance!  This weekend's intervals involved running up a hill to slide back down.  Too bad my jeans and shoes provided too much friction and not enough speed.  Did get a near crash though.

Thursday, I convinced a whopping one of the Bathers to come to the land of Edges and Combs to try out the local wares.  C-dog was up for it though so we set out on a new-to-him route that took in about 83% of what is out my back door.  We would have hit 92% but I f'ed up the route prep and that last 9% would have required re-climbing a not totally fun woods road.

it was good times, hitting the dot at 2 hours and finished up with a couple of beers and burritos that Marcy was kind enough to prepare.  Tasty.

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rustymtb said...

Just because Tim Alberts called them repeats, it doesn't make it a running term.