Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why Not?

I haven't posted any self pics recently so I figured, why not devote a whole blog posts to just that?  Vain?  Maybe.  Desperate for blog material?  Absolutely!

In the above pic you see me in my full on civilian/cyborg (right down to the helmet mounted laser beams) kit.  It took hours to pair up my white north face ($10 10 years ago, got my money's worth there) thermal top with my white sunglasses with the clear lenses.  I almost had to wake Marcy at 5am to make sure I wasn't all clashy clashy but the prospect of those brilliantly white glasses being firmly (and authoritatively) shoved up my ass made me reconsider.

After that pic was taken, I tried doing a full body shot but my arms are only long enough to get my torso.  What to do?  What to do?  In the end I decided to use my computer's panoramic stitch program to see if I could assemble three seperate shots.

First try.  I've always had long legs when compared to my body but this is just ridiculous:

The second try wasn't much better but the third semi-worked but it made me look to be about 6'-8" tall.

And then, of course, I was off for my mountain bike commute turning my typical 25 minute bike commute into roughly 1:15 today and what commute would be complete without a kneecap to junk shot?
Final prep for the bb12 should be happening tonight.  Everything seems to be in working order (although that damn creek is still happening in the front end) and I'm made most of my nutritional purchases so there isn't much left to do but wait and worry.


Linda said...

Good luck at the BB12 and great shot of the closet doors.

rick is! said...

I think the closet doors are what screwed up the panoramic actually.