Monday, September 20, 2010

Bradbury 12. F'in FAIL!

I wish I was reporting better news this morning but I can't. The race started to deadish legs. I crashed early and hard. Raced for a few more hours and then pulled the plug.

One exciting thing to note is that while I didn't finish the race myself, my bike did (under another rider) putting in 11 hard fought laps and my dos niner frame, headset, seatpost and crank took second in the 2 man sport division.  Congrats to my bikes!

Also, two of my peeps made it on the local news.  Sure, the reporter got the age of the race wrong (4 years old, not two) and called the course a "track" but I'll try not to hold it against him.  video HERE.

Better update tomorrow.


Bill said...

Dood, even in "failing" you put down a faster day than I did. Hope the noggin's good for the VT50 next weekend!

rick is! said...

it did seem weird to bail when I was still pulling off fast laps but my last lap just felt too dangerous to continue.

Jason said...

Sorry dude. Heal up.

rick is! said...

what, no snarky remark???