Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Back

Sort of.  This week promises to be just as stacked up time was as last.  Hopefully I'll have more blogging opportunities though.

Yesterday was a b-e-a-utiful, sunny Sunday.  On tap was a nice and easy road ride with Marcy and a few friends to prep them for the Dempsey Challenge coming up in October.  We rode a majority of the 50 mile loop that Marcy and Tim are planning to ride.  Marcy can handle the distance without too much trouble but Tim just started riding this spring, starting out with 8-10 mile rides so a 50 mile ride is an intimidating thing.  He's been doing a good job prepping though and has slowly built up his miles through the summer.  The planned 35 mile ride was his longest to date and he finished it (and a bit more because of a missed turn) strong.  Nice job Tim.  You'll be ready.

Speaking of strong.  Saturday, Marcy spent a few hours wielding a pick ax, getting ready for a stone patio that we're going to have installed.  What was I doing while Marcy was doing the manly work?  Well, the official story is that I was attempting to re-finish our concrete floors but the truth is that I was just staying out of sight while the hard work was going on.  Anyway, while being all manly, Marcy tweaked something in her hip.  We're not sure if it was a muscle strain, a bone out of place (you can put your hip out like your back) or what but it left her in immense pain.  Saturday night she was on muscle relaxers to sleep and when she got up Sunday, she tried in vain to stretch, pop, pray the pain away but when ride time came it was as bad as ever.  She decided to start the ride and turn around if the pain got too bad. 

The six of us rolled out and she was in obvious pain and looked to be on the verge of tears for the first 1+ hours but managed to push through the pain and finished the ride with a smile on her face (until this morning that is).  That's one rugged mamasita.

Speaking of rugged mamasitas, this weekend was the annual Great Glenn 24 hour race.  It's a big focus for lots of folks around here and I know a bunch of people who competed.  After a few minutes of perusing the results I see that Laps took the single speed solo win and fellow efta competitor Dan taking second.  In men's sport, my boys Scott and Bill walked away with an impressive ride.  Brian (nemesis #1 or 2) and his team took home 3rd in their race.  I'm sure there are others too but I'm too lazy to dig that deep into the results.  Congrats everyone!

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