Tuesday, August 17, 2010

 Back in Action

A while back, on my firstest ever ride in baggy shorts I smashed my camera screen. As a result, I've been shooting in the dark, not knowing if I got a good pic or not until I uploaded to the computer (can you imagine the days when you had to WAIT for film to be developed???). It truly was a pain in the ass but we can't really afford a new camera right now so I went trolling the interweb for solutions. Thankfully, I found a place that sells replacement screens for $30 including shipping. Not bad. So, a couple hours of futzing later (lil tip, it's best to not try to do camera repairs with their itty bitty screws while in a moving car) Marcy (that's right, I put the little lady to work, first crushing rocks, next fixing cameras. she's a renaissance woman) had it working again. Rejoice!

Oh wait, but these pictures were from the last batch of blind shooting.

The tallboy demo. If I can determine what was wrong with the shock, I might have one of these hanging in the basement next season.
The Bather crew. That's C-dog mugging for face time, KillBill with the white-ish gloves, Clint (the bringer of the Tallboy) in the center, Joel showing some manly chest hair, Gary sportin the guns and Matt looking like he's getting a piggy back ride from KillBill. Maybe that'll slow KB down a bit.
The plan for last night was to fix the Selma.  I had to replace the derailleur hanger, install a new derailleur, futz with the house and bottom bracket.  Sadly, I was much too tired to take that on and we had Californication in the dvd player so I opted for an early wake up instead to still allow for a mountain bike commute today.  At 4:45 I woke up sans alarm and got my wrench on and somehow, miraculously, was done by 5:30 with everything functioning flawlessly.  Never, ever happens.  I suspect that on my commute home my bike will break in half just to even things out.  Check back tomorrow to find out!

I've got a couple more races to do on the selma before she goes back to SS for good.  This weekend's off road tri has a large percentage of dirt roads so a spinny single speed is not the ticket if you want to do well and I not only want to do well but I want to win the whole damn thing AND set time records.  I'm still not sure how I'll do that since I haven't been in a kayak all season and my running is only marginal and I have no clue whatsoever who my competition is.  But, what I lack in preparedness I more than make up for in unearned confidence and an over inflated sense of self worth.  But, then again, if you've been reading this blog for a while, you already know that.

After this weekend, I've got the final EFTA throw down at the Treasure Valley Ralley where I'll be looking to defend my narrow lead in the overall points category.  After that, it's back to SS full time so I can prep for the Bradbury 12 and Vermont 50 single speed races.  I won't lie, I'm a bit concerned about doing a solo 12 on Sunday and then the hilly 50 the following weekend.  Yikes.

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