Friday, August 13, 2010

Tallboy On My Mind

Last night I finally had the opportunity to demo the much talked about (at least in my circle of friends) Santa Cruz Tallboy.  KillBill has been pestering me incessantly this summer about getting on a full suspension mountain bike because it would make me faster.  I've poo-poo'd the idea for quite some time since I got tired of dealing with maintenance issues on my previous full suspension bike years ago and I felt that a 29'er with large volume tires were enough cush to make a real full suspension unnecessary.  BUT, I had the opportunity to test ride a demo large tallboy last night that Clint was nice enough to truck down my way for the evening. 

Set up was a bit of an issue since I think that there may have been something wrong with the shock.  No matter how much air I put in the shock or which pro pedal position I used, the rear end seemed to wallow during smooth sections or on climbs.  BUT, ripping through corners, tearing through rock gardens and root infested trails was a true joy.  We'll have to sniff out that shock issue a bit and take her for another spin.  I haven't had a new bike in a couple of years so maybe 2011 is my year! :)


Linda said...

Ownership of a new bike should be a main food group.

Miff said...

Ripping through corners....tearing through rock gardens..... you know Rick, thats the Santa Cruz taking care of business. '-)
I'm all excited're looking at a Santa Cruz....oooooeeeeee.
Miff ;-)

rick is! said...

she was a rip. now I just need to rob a bank to afford her!