Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Things a changin'

This season has been totally different from what I expected. Last summer was crazy with house building, lots of work and little riding but I still managed to do OK in the maine xc series and in a couple of endurance races. This summer was supposed to see a slight change in focus from xc to endurance but that hasn't happened thus far but I'm ok with that. Somehow, despite abysmal riding hours I've still done pretty well in the xc races I've toed the line at thus far. Sadly, though, I've had to bag some races that I had originally hoped to do. The Wilderness 101 just isn't doable this year because of time and expense, I bailed on the Pat's Peak 6hr race this past weekend because I had to prep the house for a contractor coming on Monday and I've decided to do an off road tri instead of the upcoming Hampshire 100 just because I want to try something new to shake things up.

Am I griping? Nope. Actually, I'm pretty happy with how the season has shaped up. Am I bummed that I missed Pat's Peak and Thom's meteoric rise to enduro fame and fortune?  Sure, but I can't complain.  I've done some new, fun races, met some folks I've been bloggie with for a few years and generally milked my tepid fitness to it's fullest. 

This weekend, we're back in New Hampster for the next installment in the EFTA series, Horror at Harding Hill.  We're not saying that we're camping yet because every time we do that it rains like a mofo so we'll just say we're going to New Hampster this weekend.  Maybe we'll have a tent and sleeping bags, maybe not. 

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