Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday With the Boys

On Tuesday, instead of heading to Brunswick to cry on the side of the road, Kevin convinced me to mountain bike in Edgecomb instead so he and Gary joined me for an after work romp.  We hit up most of what the local trails had to offer (even a few that I "tricked" them into riding to show their promise and to beat in the under used trails) and ended up with 2:20 of ride time, gallons of sweat from the swamp ass conditions and a good excuse to grill up some brats and drink some beers.

Gary 1, Kevin 2.

are you kidding me with this?

My semi thought out plan seemed to work with Gary suggesting we get a few guys out for a trail day.  At first I suggested next summer but rethought that since I don't wan't to look gift trail help in the mouth (does that make any sense?  what am I talking about?  Looking a gift horse in the mouth makes no sense either) and offered to buy a bunch of beer for anybody who I can coax out.

I also saw something that I'd never seen before.  The deer flies are at their max capacity right now so we were all doused in bug spray which did a reasonable job of keeping them at bay but towards the end of the ride, the flotilla of flies finally began to defeat our outer defences and made skin contact but, to their dismay, many met an untimely demise by drowning in the arm sweat on both Gary and Kevin.  Unbelievable.  Sweaty bastards.

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