Monday, July 12, 2010

I am the Walrus

Too little riding is making Ricky a fat ass boy. Not as fat as mr b.r. but fat-non-the-less.  I had super duper grand plans for lots-o riding over the weekend.  Unfortunately (fortunately) our foundation contractor agreed to show up on monday to parge our icf's so instead of mucho riding I did mucho preping on the house so that Monday would go off without a hitch.  Money in the bank.

Tomorrow night, some of the Bathers and a Falmouther descend on Edgecomb to enjoy what the local trails have to offer.  and they offer a lot, let me tell you.  First, there are deer flies galore!  Then there is the mud from yesterday's all day rains.  and let's not forget the mid summer trail neglect with the encroaching weeds et all.  Yeah, it's going to be a blast!  Hopefully Marcy will take pity on our sad souls and make us some tasty burritos upon our not so glorious return.  Marcy makes some seriously delish burrittos b.t.w.
burritos, yum!

Morning edit: I just did my first bike commute in something like three weeks. Where does the time go? Apparently, it goes into driving to rides recently to try to get fast and not live my life as a friendless hermit. Thankfully, I now feel like I have more than enough friends so maybe some more commuting and less driving to ride are in order. Maybe.

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