Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mt. Aggie
Last Thursday, as part of our July 4 weekend, we headed down to york for a friend's beach house, riding, beaching, zooing etc. First up once there was a ride at Mount Aggie. I've only ridden there once myself but was impressed with the amount of terrain and trails. I believe back then, we rode 3-ish hours and didn't hit all of the trails on the mountain side of the road. This time, we were shooting for 3 hours on the north side of the road. We had two guides, Billy and Danz. Sadly, they both felt compelled to bring their gps units in order to be able to guide us. These are guys who ride aggie on a fairly regular basis and they still get turned around. Apparently, that's par for the course at aggie. Everybody gets lost.

3 hours of some beautiful and fun trails and approximately 15 gps checks later we made it back to the cars and beer while hitting the exact loop that they were shooting for. Victory! I guess...

Danz and Billy "consulting" their units.
Not to be outdone, Marcy got up early on Saturday and hit up a road ride with KillBill's s.o. Amanda

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