Thursday, July 08, 2010

Training Block
Somehow, miraculously, over the holiday weekend I was able to get a solid training block in.  Thursday night was close to 3 hours riding with the boys at Aggie, Friday and Saturday were all about family time and then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I got solid 2.5-3 hour road rides in with Tuesday's ride being the Brunswick kick to the teeth.

There is something about that ride.  I hate it with a passion and don't look forward to doing it but when it's done, I'm happy that I made the effort.  Kind of like racing.  I have very few actual enjoyable moments while racing but the satisfaction afterwards makes it all worth while.  How many of us have done a 6, 12 or 24 hour race, suffered like a dog and swore to never do it again only to find themselves toeing the line again shortly later.  The human brain is an amazing thing.

The ride this week lacked a couple of the heavy hitters but it was still strong enough that I occasionally had to take short pulls to keep from getting shit out the back of the group.  By the time KillBill and I got back to the shop (we did a 10 mile warm-up and cool-down) we clocked 3 solid hours and my legs felt like complete jell-o.  Perfect.

So, whats the photo at the top you might ask?  It's a cool little nest I found at a house we're building and I was checking out as part of my new job.  Actually, new job isn't entirely accurate but I have received a promotion of sorts at the ole mill stone with lots more responsibility, a bit more authority and, so far at least, no increase in pay!  Yay for me!  Negotiations are under way... (see there?  I snuck a little work into the blog, the trifecta is complete)


the original big ring said...

pfffft.... the only "blocks" I'm doing are blocks of brownies, blocks of fudge, blocks of cake, blocks of blocks. . . and so on.

Miff said...

You know I can line up for those 6 hr enduros, and all day epics on the MTB single tracking.....put me on the road to pedal pedal pedal...and I sulk and suck every pedal stroke. Gotta shift my head space...its the hand that feeds the hungry MTB yep the mind can be a pain_in_the_pedal sometimes.