Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Time for a Change

There are going to be big, big changes around these parts.  I've made the bold decision to merge my two blogs (that, by the way would be a great 50's sitcom.  If they knew what blogs or the internet was.) into one gloriously, riveting and dashingly handsome super blog.  My thinking goes like this.  DamNelsons really no longer makes any sense since we no longer live in Damariscotta.  The name is no longer clever and it's a tinsy bit vulgar.  To top it off, facebook has become Marcy's go to place for posting photos of Brynna while chumming for compliments so it's use was a bit redundant anyway.  Over in these here parts, I often lament that work and family (and being a good dad) get in the way of being a super hero mountain bike racer and blogging superstar so I figured it was high time to include them over here to some extent.  Don't worry, this won't be all about diaper changes (Brynna is, thankfully, out of diapers but my parents are retiring so maybe they'll soon be back IN them) and runny noses but if something interesting happens in other aspects of my life than you'll hear about it here.  I'm not too worried about losing readers as a result of these format changes because, let's face it, it's mostly family that reads this crap anyway.

With that behind us, bring on the July 4th holiday weekend!  I actually did ride quite a bit during our 4 day weekend but that'll come later.  I figured today was the day to start the new routine.  First up on the family front was a visit to York's Wild Kingdom.  Brynna is a timid las but we were able to get her to feed some animals and ride the rides.

C-dog (that's what I'm calling Channing now) and I being good dads while talking about sports and stuff so that onlookers don't think we're gay lovers.

Then, for the fourth, we hit up the fireworks in Damariscotta.  There was dancing, people watching, bug feeding and, of course, fireworks.
Tomorrow?  The rides and the beach.


Jason said...

Nice shirt! ;)

Looks like a good time.

rick is! said...

chicks spend a lot of time staring at my chest with that shirt on and I'm like "umm, my eyes are up HERE!" dirty pervs.

Miff said...

Change is good.
And damn your family is spunky...so more of them on blog is good!
Ummm...I had to go back up and look at your shirt....Miff ;-)