Monday, July 12, 2010

End of Days
sticking your nose in a lily will get you this

As I was laying awake at 3:15 this morning, my mind somehow drifted into the world of single speed vs. geared racing. In reality, I shouldn't be surprised that my mind drifted there. Ever since putting gears on my Selma for the Big Ring Rumpus I've been trying to decide when to take them back off. To be honest, if I were still racing in the Maine EFTA series, the gears would be off now since that series didn't rely on ski resort type races so while every race had climbing, it typically wasn't super steep and long ski slope climbs. The real EFTA series, though, seems to have more ski area races and thus, lots of nasty climbing. Maybe I'm getting old and soft but I just don't feel like fighting a single speed up most of those climbs. So I've been hemming and hawing about taking the gears off. I want them off but I think that I'm faster (this year at least) with gears than not.  So, I guess for now at least, I'll be leaving the gears on and just take them off for the Bradbury 12 in September. 

Actually, after perusing the EFTA site just now, I guess they don't have all that many ski area races, it's just my perception that has changed and I'm a big weenie boy.

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