Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Let's See Now

We just wrapped up a three day weekend and I just barely squeezed in a ride yesterday. It wasn't looking like it was going to happen after two and a half days of manly chainsawing action I was pretty much spent when my opportunity to ride home from Marcy's mother's place came up. Lets see, beer, giant whoopie pie/birthday cake (not mine), swimming off a sunny dock and maybe a nap OOOORRRRR suck it up and ride 3hrs home. It was a rough one but I did finally get my ass on the bike and hit the road for a hilly ride home. I was feeling like shit for an hour and a half, only feeling decent when I was out of the saddle on some of the long climbs. Then I noticed something odd when I stopped for a coke and cookie (thought that might make me feel better) my rear brake was rubbing again. Just like it did in the last crit race I did. I'm not sure how this keeps happening but I re-centered the brake and proceeded on my merry way no longer feeling quite so bad about my miserable fitness.

my photo shop skillz are lame (don't actually even have photo shop) but here is the route with my start and stop brake rubbing area. some big hills in there.

The plan for tonight is to pick up a derailleur hanger for the selma so that I can run gears for this weekend's race since it's supposed to be super fast. Then, if I get out of work in time it'll be time for a blood letting at the Brunswick road ride. This is a ride that gives non asthmatics asthma cough when the ride is over. Just what I need.

If I don't get out of work in time, I might hit up the Bath ride with the Bathers. After all, I need to see the sign from the opening pic hanging. You see, last week there was much e-mail banter going back and forth about a new trail in Bath that Gary architected (I'm told by Mr. Channing that this is a real word even though I'm an architect and I'd never even heard of it. Of course, I haven't heard of lots of words.). It had been nicknamed the G-spot. I think 43 e-mails were traded if I remember correctly. A solid ten or fifteen revolved around my self proclaimed lack of knowledge, or need, of the G-spot. I think my "I only use sex for baby making and punishment" e-mail summed it up nicely.

As a surprise for the group, I made the above pictured sign before last week's ride. Unfortunately, it's hard maple and tough to drive nails through so Gary took it home to pre-drill and hang at a later day so tonight could the the hanging ceremony.

your knobs get packed with sand when you're near the G-spot

Hmmm, now I'm not sure which ride to do. It's nice to have such dilemmas.

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Miff said...

Love it! The story behind the G-Spot single track! One day I will have to ask the origins of the naming of 'Tunnel of Love' single track here!!!!
Thanks for the enlightment on G-spot too - '....baby making and punishment....' theres a lot to be said in that...hardy ha ha!!!