Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet Big gay Al

Over the past several years I've made mention of our team manager, Big Al, many times. More often than not, I've referred to him as Big gay Al. Not because he's gay but because whenever I hear people refer to him as Big Al I immediately get the image of Big Gay Al from South Park's Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary. Exposed left nipple and all.

Not only is he not gay (at least his wife claims he isn't) but he's also not big. In fact, he's a bit of a waif. Come to think of it. He's waifish AND he's incredibly meticulous about everything, including his wardrobe. Maybe he IS gay! Wait, wait. The point of this post was that he isn't gay. Getting back on track now... So, he's not gay and he's not big but I've heard rumors that he was a total load before he got into cycling so that's probably where the "Big" portion of his name comes from. When I first met Big Al, he was skinny and a wicked fast mountain biker so I assumed that "Big" referred to his ego. Now I know otherwise.

So, anyway, I don't think I've ever actually posted a pic of Big gay Al before. So that's him at the top of the post hamming it up for the camera prior to the Maine Sport Mayhem! last weekend. Consider yourself informed.


WillC said...

Couldn't find a contact, so I'm leaving a blathering. Rode Schmid yesterday for the first time. Came in from Dodge Pt. side and went along the river link. Some decent sections but it all faded. Is there another way into the preserve where there are better trails? I eager to figure it all out.
Give me the good info...

rick is! said...

hey will. I've never actually ridden the dodge pt to schmid portion of the river link. they're still doing a bunch of work on it. I only do the schmid preserve to mill rd section. if you're still in town, give me a call at 207 542-9472. I think I have a map here that will help. it even has my suggested loop.