Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time for a Nap

With the rest of the family down for the count with various illness' right now, I've opted to make this an uber easy week to try to fend off the sickness myself. This has meant no early morning runs or rides and more (8-9 hrs) of sleep. I'm still feeling a touch of a sore throat but hopefully that'll go away. Or, more likely, I'll keep it at bay until Saturday afternoon that way I'll have to either suffer like a dog through Sunday's race (I love how creative they got with the graphics!) or bag it altogether. Hopefully, with a couple of properly timed rides and lots of rest, the legs will be ready to rip come Sunday.

Tonight, the Bathers are coming to mi casa to tear up the Schmid preserve and then enjoy some bevvies while eating brats and guacamole. The weather looks to be primo with temps hovering in the high 70's and only a chance of passing T-storms. I'll take that in May anyday.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice. I've decided to reinstate my squirrel rating system on the RacinRick-alopolis. It had some steam back in the day but I let it slide. I won't be rating every ride but I will rate races and notable rides.


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