Monday, May 24, 2010

#1 In The Books
My first race of the season is in the books. What used to be MMBA #1 (before the MMBA disbanded after last season) the Maine Sport Mayhem took place on Sunday. I won't have time for a full report today (that'll have to wait til tomorrow) but I wanted to give a quick shout out to some people who made the race possible for me. First, thanks to Marcy for putting up with me and my pre-race angst, taking all of the pics you'll see today and tomorrow and for watching the spud while I rode around in almost circles. I'm working on not being a total douche before races but I'm sure I've got room to improve. Lucky for me, Marcy and B didn't get to the venue until I was staging for the start! Thanks to B for rooting me on and being my number 1 fan. And, finally, thanks to MadMike for putting on a kick ass race despite the lack of a series and another EFTA race happening the same day. With some creativity (he had a trail running race just prior to our race) he was able to have a successful day.

MadMike, 6 months into fatherdoom (oops, sorry fatherdom) and 1 week into lyme disease treatment.
Hey look, a smile on my face!
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Channing said...

I see B has the same fashion sense that E has.

rick is! said...

yep, she's all about the colors. oddly, she can pull it off.

Marcy said...

B was most excited that you actually heard her this time and yelled back.

Miff said...

I have sock envy.
Your Miss B has awesome sock saavy.
Nice pictures.

rick is! said...

yeah, B rocks the knee highs!