Monday, May 03, 2010

Epic Fail

For the last several months the performance in my Rock Shox Reba has been deteriorating. Primarily, the lock-out hasn't been functioning correctly (allowing way too much movement) which, being the wiz kid that I am, prompted me to jack up my spring rate to compensate. Sure the fork is a little more locked out now but the travel is anything but plush. Rock Shox thinks the problem is one of two things. Either there isn't enough oil in the motion control damper or the damper is faulty. I figured checking the oil volume would be easy enough. I've been wanting to learn how to rebuild my fork for a while now so this would be the perfect opportunity.

I spent the last few weeks getting all the parts, to
ols etc that I would need to do the service and then, on Saturday, set out to do the rebuild. I've heard that an experienced mechanic can rebuild a fork in about an hour so I figured 2-4 hours would get me through for my first time. Yeah right.

After three hours of mechanic-ing I am no closer to having a usable fork. In fact, I'm going to wager a guess that the fork below might not even be trail worthy right now.

Thankfully, I found this morning that Rock Shox has videos up on You Tube that will lead me through the process so maybe, just maybe, I'll be riding plush again in the next week or ten. Sure hope so since my first mtb race is in three weeks. My boys as may be hearing from me soon.

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