Friday, April 30, 2010


Yesterday was slated as Marcy's day to commute home from work and then back in this morning. Unfortunately, the winds were so strong around here that she didn't want to test fate (and drunken fisherman yahoos) and opted out by mid afternoon and gave me the green light to hit up the Bath group ride.

It was cold as hell when I showed up to ride and everyone's get-ups showed it. There was barely any skin visible but about 1/2 hour in, the wind died down and layers started to come off. We had a good crew for the night, nine peeps total. Lets see if I can remember everyone. If I write their names down now I'm much more likely to remember them in the future so bear with me. KillBill, Channing, Forrest, Ken, Brian, Amanda, Kat, Gary and myself. There, I did it. Now I won't forget their names, at least until the next time I see them.

The bath trails are a total rip right now. There were two sections that were muddy but they always are and always will be until either bridges or go arounds are made so no complaints in that department. Just lots of flowy singletrack interspersed with rocky/rooty sections. Good stuff.

I'm pretty sure Brian said "fuck you!" when he realized I snapped a pic of him walking a totally rideable bridge. Sorry Brian.
Brian and Forrest.
Brian didn't bring a light so I loaned him my 800L. Unfortunately, his bar was too thin so we had to find some "shims". Worked pretty well.
about 5 seconds after forrest announced a 6-second sprint.

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