Tuesday, May 04, 2010


On Sunday I made it out for my first ride of the year at Bradbury State Park, our local mountain biking meca. It's not exactly moab or Kingdom Trails but it sure is sweet and from the reports that I had been getting, it was dry and fast! I had tentative plans to do the Scarborough crit on Sunday morning at 9 so I decided to hit Bradbury on my way down for my warm-up. Up at 5:15, fuel up and at the park by 6:30. My first half hour was a "warm-up" on the O trail. For non locals, the O trail is a super twisty, turny, technical and sketchy in areas suffer fest. It's only positive attribute is that it's on mostly flat terrain so at least you're not doing it all up hill, both ways, in a blinding snowstorm, barefoot... I suck on this trail and running a hardtail singlespeed means that I don't get to sit for the entire time. There are just too many turns and obstacles to negotiate to be able to stay seated. This is the type of trail that I actually wish I had a geared full suspension bike. So, like I said, I suck on the trail but I do kinda, sorta enjoy it in a masochistic sort of way. Plus, I hope that by riding it enough that I'll eventually stop sucking at it. Probably not.

After my warm-up, I met up with my buddies Kev, Scott and Bill for another hour of riding before I'd have to jet for the crit. Before long, I was having so much fun that I totally bagged the crit idea and, instead, stuck around for a total of 2:45 of single track bliss.



Three bikes, three sets of Ergon grips. Maybe my sponsorship is actually paying off...


Laps said...

I am (definitely) coming to Bradbury the end of the month and riding. Would you be willing to give me a tour?

rick is! said...

absolutely. I'll probably enlist some help with the leading part but I'll definitely be there to ride.