Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This is for you ThomP

Stupid ThomP beat me to the punch yesterday by posting a pic of a nice water view through a wheel but that won't stop me. Nosiree bob. At least I'll give you the story behind the pic instead of just posting it up like a total douche and leaving us hanging.

The only thing worse than getting a flat tire on a road ride is getting a flat on a road ride when you're practically within sight of your house. This happened to me the other day. I was finishing up a two hour romp and was less than two miles from the house when I hit a square edged rock while crossing a bridge. Pinch flat city. To make things worse, I was on a bridge with barely any shoulder on route 1 with cars whipping by at 60+ mph. Good fun! So here I am, daintily prancing along in my carbon soled shoes and spandex clad ass trying to get off the bridge without damaging my shoes while manly, tattooed men in big trucks roared by at 13 miles per gallon. Thankfully, just after the bridge there was a good spot to do the change. A few minutes into the change (what can I say, I'm not the speediest flat changer. no nascar pit crew career in my future) I finally glanced up and saw this:

So let that be a reminder to you kiddies while you're out there churning out intervals to take a look around once in a while. Unless you ride in the boston suburbs in which case I'd just concentrate on getting my ass wherever I'm going.

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