Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nothing To See Here

Not much to bloggy about today so I'll keep it quick. Monday, on my mountain bike commute home I hit up the Schmid Preserve with the semi though out plan of checking out what areas need the most work. I'm now on the trails committee for the preserve (although I've only talked to one person and have yet to go to a meeting) so I feel it's my duty to ride there a bunch and make all sorts of grand plans for improvement that I'll never have time to complete. I'm a civic minded kind of fellow. I actually have been planning on building a bridge or two over some watery type areas so you can imagine my surprise when I came upon this:

That's right, an almost complete bridge over the largest stream in the preserve. I'm concerned though because this is much nicer looking than anything I had planned on building.

I also saw a bunch more of this:
New posts and signage. This trail is legit and stuff.

And then, later in the ride I came upon this beaut. An oldy time well cover. These things are worth quite a bit of money these days on the open market. Hopefully no redneck with a pick-up truck and a come-along have seen this. They could easily fetch 2 fitty for it.

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Big Bikes said...

I got me a pickup truck.
Now where exactly is that there well-cover boy?

rick is! said...

it's over yonder past where old man perkin's barn used to be...