Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spreadin the Love

I still haven't gotten to the point in the pre-season that I feel like going out and cracking out 20 intervals. I hope I do soon though because the race season is fastly approaching and I'm still at ground zero training wise. About a month ago I took a big ass, 3'x5' calander home in order the plan my season but it still remains in a roll on the desk upstairs. That doesn't help the motivation. Maybe I'll do it tonight. Yeah, that's it. That's what I'll do. Sure.

What does motivate me though is that I'm starting to read race reports. It's frickin March and I'm reading race reports. That's the stuff that'll really get the juices flowing so Endless, Johnny B and Hill Junkie, keep it coming!

Since I'm not intervalling, I'm doing the next best thing. Trying to get other people as obsessed with riding as I am. Who cares that my parents and brother had been traveling since 3 am? They'd still LOVE to go for a ride 16 hours later. Of course they would. And me being the thoughful chap that I am, I take them on a brutally technical trail down the road from our house. A trail that they'd have trouble with on a typical day but make it their second ride ever on clipless pedals and you know it's going to be good!

Marcy and the temp. pup.

it looks like darren is going to rail this corner but in reality he chickened out because of the sharp pointy rocks at the bottom and is just leaning against the tree.

yukking it up after dad and darren took a lil dirt nap together. slow motion falls are fun to watch.

the beautiful front tire sawing action of inexperienced riders.

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