Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm swamped today so no pre-work/break time posting. Instead, I'll give you a shot that I take every spring/summer on one of my favorite road loops. It's my "hill" loop even though the longest hill only takes about three minutes to climb. It's not much but it's the best I've got in my immediate area so I'll take it.

The lake in the background is Damariscotta lake. Nice place to be in the summer I would guess but I've never been out on it. For shame. Also, notice the tilt of my saddle bag? Me too. That's a post for another day...


Anonymous said...

Top of bunker hill. Beautiful. I love that ride. I've got a great hill loop that hits up that, around 215 to 194, the huge hill at head tide and around up over blinn hill. Great route. One of my favorite road rides in the summer. Too bad you don't hit up the lake - it's awesome.

rick is! said...

that's not a hill in head tide, it's a wall! my best hill route includes 215 to 126 to 220 (which has a couple of long hills), up to rt 3 and then loop back by 32 and 218. it would be nice to have a road mate for one of those this summer.