Friday, March 26, 2010

Rus' New Ride

While most of us were getting fat over the winter, my brother Rus was busy building up a new hipster fixed gear commuter (he works in downtown boston afterall)and getting fat btw. My brother is a multi-tasker. I saw the bike in the beginning but had no idea what he had planned. I kind of thought that he'd just clean it up a bit, put some heavy commuter bits on it and let it be a dirtbag commuter. Especially after his treasured Van Dessel was a crumpled heap one day when he left his office. Boy was I wrong. What started out as a forgettable old road bike with nice lugs has been turned into a "hey, look at me!" beauty. Not shown in the pictures would be the 18 cable and u-locks he must have to keep her from getting stolen. All that extra weight is probably a good workout.

and his facebook album of the build.

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