Friday, March 26, 2010

I Need To Research More

After posting today's blog post, my brother and I had this thrilling I-M session:

rustymtb: i'm so famous I made it to the racin rick blog!

slow friday
need better completed pics though

now i'll be incentivized to put the rest up

ooohhhhhh! big word!

it's not a fixie, btw

oops, sorry.

oh well
it makes me sound cooler

just figured it must be.

no way I could run that fixed

how can it be a hipster bike and not be fixed? i may have to take the whole post down

taking a bike that originally had 27" wheels and replacing it with 700c makes for a low BB
throw 175 cranks on there and i'd be skipping pedals off pavement constantly

Rick: wimp

There are four things that you can deduce from this conversation.
  1. I need a fact checker. The whole premise of the post was that my brother had built a hipster fixie and now I find out it's a single speed. How pedestrian.
  2. I'm generally a sarcastic dick to everyone around me. Including people at work and my boss. I might want to rethink that approach, although, it seems to be working for me so far.
  3. I'm much more into riding and racing than my brother but he still knows a shit ton more about bikes than I do. I couldn't even begin to do what he did to that bike. If it doesn't have new, easily found, standard components than I can't do it.
  4. and finally, you can never have an off the record conversation with me. Especially on a day that I have nothing to blog about. I mean really, who wants to hear about my grueling 20 minute commute this morning after dropping the car off at the garage?

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