Thursday, March 25, 2010


It's a rest week for me now so there isn't all that much to blog about. My timing couldn't be better though since the weather is so craptastic right now that a few days of little to no riding isn't such a bad thing. I do hope our weather pattern changes soon though because I don't see myself back on trails for a couple of weeks at this point with the amount of rain we've gotten in the last few days. I'm also finding that after three weeks of very mild (for February and March at least)weather I'm a total pansy boy when it comes to the cold. 30 degrees this morning? A temp that just a month ago I'd practically ride naked in had me recoiling in terror on the first slight downhill when the windchill had to have dropped all the way down to, what?, 28 degrees. F it, spring is in my head. So be it.

Hopefully rest week will include some of this:
We've busted out the grill and firepit five or six times already this year.

Other than the current shit weather, there are sure signs that spring is coming. The biggest of which for the Nelson clan is the onslaught of ticks. We're currently dog sitting for my parents pooch Dallas and last night we noticed a tick. And then two, three, four (impressed that I can count so high?) and eventually pulled around 10 of those engorged little bastards off of her. Including two deer ticks. You know, carriers of everyone's favorite debilitating disease. Frick. Made marcy and I want to peel our skin off. So, with nature's chemical warfare goon on the loose, it's time to shear the legs. My hairy legs essentially scoop up and make cozy any and all ticks that are in a five mile radius. So the legs will be clean soon. The question is, shave or wax? Whatcha think?

kinda look like I have a chia pet restrained under those knee warmers

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