Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Photos
As promised, the first clipless pedals pics. Unfortunately, it's really hard to know when to have the camera ready to capture a beautiful fall. I'd position myself after what I would expect to be a difficult move for a person new to clipless pedals only to see everyone ride cleanly through and then totally miss the shot of both my father and brother toppling next to each other at a road crossing, after they had already clipped out. Oh well, my photography skillz are suspect anyway.

Rolling out for the pre-ride.

look carefully and you'll see my dad playing in the bushes. darren almost looks skilled in this pic.

until 2 seconds later he fell over and almost took me out while I was standing next to my bike. Time to lose some weight darren, or get some suspenders for your bike shorts.
then I set up after this log thinking for sure someone would eat it. they've fallen over about 5-10 times each already. it's a given.

close but no cigar. darren got cozy with the fir tree momentarilly but no fall. drat.

marcy didn't fall at all sadly.

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Marcy said...

Hey! I'm also not new to clipless pedals.