Friday, March 19, 2010

Photo Blog

I'm too lazy for a real post today but I do have some fabulous photos from a road ride the other day. 55 degrees and sunny. You'd think that I'd have been rockin it but, sadly, I was doing anything but. Two big burritos ala Marcy an hour before the ride may not have been the best choice. Legs were dead and heartburn and vurps were imminent.

pre vurps
On the ride I came accross the artwork of some very bored state road workers. What started out as a road crack filling job turned into graffiti. I guarantee that if this was a two man crew that one of them ended up with a hot tar wand jambed up his ass before the day was over. That would be one crack filled at least.

Shortly after the "road art" the heartburn and vurps started. Here is my "I think I'm gonna blow chunks" face:

And, or course, a hot of the infamous Cowshit Corner.


Anonymous said...

Rick - great reading your blog. I spend the summer in Whitefield and have been looking for places to ride closer to home. I'm fired up to hear that Schmid Preserve is a legit spot. I'd love to check it out later this spring. Maybe I'll see you at some of the EFTA races - I ride SS for IBC.
Take care, Will

rick is! said...

the preserve still needs a little work but it has tons of potential. it's already fun to ride there but it will be sweet once some raking happens (hopefully soon). drop me a line when you get up here for the summer and I can show you around.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I used to live about a mile from Cow Shit Corner. I shutter to think about biking up there - no shoulder and screaming pickup trucks and dump trucks buzzing by you. I have friends that still live up that way and I keep saying I'm going to bike from Portland to Newcastle to visit them.