Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stupid Nikon

Mini rant here. Why is it that with there already being a standard usb cable connector on the market for years some manufacturers (nikon, lg and I'm sure others) decide to come up with their own stupid connection? So instead of having one, convenient, cable handy, I have to have three on hand at any given time and sure enough, the day that I need the stupid f'n nikon cable, I can't find it! I've got stuff to write about a frigid road ride on Saturday, my one good ride in a week and now I can't blog it because it's nothing without pics. Who am I kidding, I'm sure it will be boring even with pics but who doesn't like random roadside pictures from a place they've never been?

Anyway, big doin's planned for this week. I'm meeting up with the Bath clan on Thursday for a night ride and if the rumors are true, the conditions there are better than they are even in the height of summer. A perfect combination of ice and packed snow has made for unbelievable fun trails. Or so I've been told. To celebrate the occasion, I'm going to pull Selma out of her winter slumber, mount up the studs and have a rip roarin good time. It'll be nice to straddle my old girl again, she has been missed.

On the weight front, I was making some good progress initially, dropping 1.5 lbs in the first week but then the weekend happened, the superbowl happened and then we had a meeting at work yesterday that included beer and chips. Woops. This morning I clocked in at 200.6 lbs. It's official, I'm fat and to top it off, Marcy seems to have shrunk my jeans because they are uncomfortably cutting into my stomach as we speak. Damn her!

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