Wednesday, February 10, 2010


After yesterday's whiny little episode about usb cables I was sure that I'd find the missing cable in the most obvious place and, sure enough, this morning I found it in the pocket of one of my ergon packs. The exact same pack that I searched from top to bottom no less than three times yesterday. Ok, so I'm a dude and can easily overlook things like that time I was desperately searching for something in the fridge and getting supremely frustrated. So I turn around and ask Marcy if she knows where the (I can't remember what I was looking for but lets say Miracle Whip) Miracle Whip was and she looked at me and said "in your hand". Apparently I had moved the miracle whip out of the way trying to find the miracle whip. Nobody ever said that I was the brightest boy in town. So, to make a long story longer, I found the cable and now I have to return the multi-head cable that I purchased yesterday that promised to fit Nikon cameras but, of course, didn't. I don't hate many things but the giant USB cable conglomerate and it's massive Washington lobbying machine is quickly climbing the ladder.

Blood boiling.

Ok, so since I found the cord, I was able to upload my photos from Saturday's ride. It was my first real road ride in months. Real meaning on my road bike and longer than my commute. The ride fell together kind of by accident. We were going to a friend's art opening Friday night at the University of Maine and on the way back crashing at Marcy's mother's house. Then, Saturday morning Marcy was going to brunch with a friend and I'd ride the 40-ish miles home. Great plan right up until I woke up Saturday morning and it was -1 out. Below zero is ok when you're riding in the woods and windchill is of minimal importance but minus one is totally different when you're on the road and hitting speeds in excess of 30 mph on the downhills. I hoped that with a bit of time it would warm up so I had breakfast and about 18 cups of coffee and two hours later it was a balmy 4 degrees. Perfect!

Once on the road I knew I was going to be in trouble. The body was cool but fine but the hands and feet immediately started showing signs of bad times to come. About 45 minutes into the ride my feet were blocks of ice so I was extremely when I got to the first of three stores on my route. I had hoped to spend a bit of time in the store to warm up the extremities but some of the good ole' boys' sideways glances got me moving quicker than I wanted. Back on the road my feet were immediately frozen again. I knew of one store down a ways that I suspected would have a wood stove and a place to hang so when the store came into view shortly before the 2hr mark I did a little internal happy dance.

Yay, The Alna Store!

Once inside I immediately lost the shoes and warmed up by the fire.
And then enjoyed a tasty breakfast sandwich and a couple cups of coffee.
After the Alna store, things were smooth sailing. My feet were finally warm and the temps had climbed to 16 degrees. Still not toasty but warm enough to stay warm and before I knew it I was back home.

The end.

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