Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On a Quest

As I've mentioned before, I'm currently in a quest to get my portly, clydesdale-esque, self back into fighting shape for the upcoming racing season. Like just about everyone else, I go through this every winter but this winter I've got an extra 5-10 lbs to deal with and I'm getting a later start than usual. In the end this may be to my benefit since I'm typically in great shape in the spring/early summer and then totally coasting in the fall since I'm either burned out on training or else I've used all of my kitchen passes for the year. So, maybe by getting a late start I'll be able to keep the motivation going further into the summer. Maybe.

So, in my quest to lose the girth, I'm upping my riding a bit when time allows and refocusing on my early morning routine. The snowshoes and cyclo-core are back out. Oh, and I'm buying lite beer now. Egad, he's serious! Thankfully, this is all working and I was able to drop 3 lbs last week. I'm sure I'll fluctuate some but progress is progress.

self portrait while snowshoe jogging. didn't really work.
the "trail"
whose cubby face is that???

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