Monday, February 15, 2010

Off to a Good Start

Things are starting to shape up in these parts recently. The weekend was nice so, even though I didn't get any riding in, I did get a bunch of siding done on the house and we're getting perilously close to having the exterior done. Once that is done it means more saddle time so I'll sacrifice a couple of sunny, 40 degree days for more spring/summer riding. Sure was nice out though.

The weight's coming down slowly but surely as well. I didn't weigh in this morning but from the way I'm feeling, I'm certain that when I weigh in tomorrow that I'll be at least another pound down from the previous week. If not, I may have to throw myself into a wood chipper because everything went pretty smoothly last week. I decreased the amount of beers that I drank for the week, got a couple of good commutes in, did some snowshoe running, got a spin class in and did a couple days of cyclo-core/pilates. I'm still far from being a featherweight (much closer to a clydesdale really) but if I can drop 10 pounds I'll be a bch away from my ultimate race weight, 185 lbs. Holy crap on a cracker! That's pretty huge you say? Well, at 6'-3" with a "muscular" build (muscular is in quotes since I'm only muscular in cycling terms) 185 is about the lowest I can get without looking, and riding, like a sickly anorexic chicken.

On this morning's commute I also came to a realization. I've been rationalizing getting started "training" late this year but this morning I had to hit myself in the head and remind myself that it's still only midway through February. Just because I can see bare ground all over the place doesn't mean that spring is days away. Yay! I still have plenty of time to over prepare for early season and then crumble and crawl my way through the late season!

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