Monday, February 22, 2010

Back on Track?

Somehow, miraculously, I actually did what I said I was going to do over the weekend. Remember WAYYYYYYY back when (you know, Thursday, the last time I posted) when I said that I needed to ride my bike more if I wanted to trim down? Well, I somehow managed to pull it off this weekend. It took getting up at 5:30 on both Saturday and Sunday to do it but it was worth the sleep deprivation to get a spin in both days before working on the house. We're currently wrapping up the exterior siding so long days in the saddle won't be had just yet but soon, very soon, the big house stuff will be done so more hijinks will be possible.

Saturday morning was a quick 1:15 on the road where I just meandered around our local roads. The legs are feeling especially powerful these days so I'm easing into more structure and more training load. Ha, ha, I said "load". So toodle around I did. First up was a loop around the Great Salt Bay in Damariscotta. Since it's brackish water (a mix of ocean and fresh) a bunch of locals seem to think it's a great place for a shanty town every winter. Sure the ice is crappy (salty water doesn't make the best ice) and it's been above freezing every day for the last couple of weeks and we'll try to ignore the completely open water not even 100 yards from the shanty town and the fact that every year a shanty or two plunges into the bay. We might also want to ignore the story of a car going through the ice on Damariscotta lake (a fully fresh water lake) just this week. We'll ignore all those things and go ice fishing, or as I like to call it ice drinking. I think if I were out there I'd be wearing a float suit and maybe a set of water wings just in case.

Then a bit further into the ride I saw this sad sight. A barred owl who had recently been hit on route one.

His prey didn't make it either.
Once home, I quickly changed and proceeded to do this:

Close, so close.

Sunday was much the same but without seeing any idiots on ice or any dead animals.


オテモヤン said...


Jason said...

What he said.

Man, it's like spring up there!! Curse you!!!

Love your crib man. Nice work.

rick is! said...

I'm sure we'll be slapped back into winter before long.

the original big ring said...

hey fatty, nice pad!

i hate seeing road kill . . . animals always seem so helpless and innocent when they're gone

rick is! said...

I'm not fat now. I've lost 2 pounds.