Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Need Not Worship Me
(but you can if you want to)
Whew, quite the weather we're having today. Raining a good clip and windy as a mofo. Add in mid thirties temps and you have the recipe for crappy riding conditions. Sooooooo, of course, it just so happens to be my last chance for a commute this week. I could have been a wus and bagged the ride but I realized I'm much more manly than Jason so I wasn't going to let some silly rain and wind stop me. I got blown all over the road and occasionally had a hard time seeing when the wind was blowing the rain directly into my face but, otherwise, it wasn't too bad of a ride. Thankfully it was only a 30 minute ride though because I was getting mighty squishy by the time I rolled in. Thankfully, Tuesday night I had mounted the fenders onto the El Mariachi. My poor El has been untouched for a few weeks since I got the road bike going again so I figured it was time to put it back into the rotation as my inclement weather commuter. Without the fenders, I probably would not have done the ride. I'm stupid but not that stupid.

The weather peeps are calling for 2-5" (there's a joke here somewhere but I wouldn't want to sound like I'm bragging) of rain which would be a metric shit ton of snow if it were a few degrees cooler. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad that it's rain. On the one hand it would be nice to have more snow on the ground since it is only February but, on the other hand, the thought of early season dirt is pretty tempting. I guess either way I'm happy.
In other news, a few weeks back my father asked me to get him a new bike. My original plan had been to give him the Carver that I won at the Bradbury 12 but he wanted a full 29'er. I have a dos niner frame kickin around that I thought would fit him but I needed a build kit. After some searching I decided to go with a Bikes Direct bike. They're not the highest end bikes around but the pricing is damn good and it allowed me to order my dad a size smaller than the dos so that either way, he'd have a bike that fits. Usually I'd poo-poo going the bikes direct route but given the circumstances, it made sense. Ordered the bike last Wednesday and had it by the following Tuesday. Not bad.


XXC Magazine said...

I shall make up for your comments this weekend! (dick) At least I hope. Stay tuned. Someone will lose a digit. Best not be me!

BTW Big Al got a full page in the new XXC. What can you do to get him to shave his legs??? Jeeezus!!! Get the man a razor!!!

rick is! said...

al is fully committed to the wookie legs. I've come to accept it.

Jason said...

Well my plan are gone. Snow storm = the end of this weekend's race. Or what I should say was going to be the Mountain Woods Alley Cat Of The Year down in WV. Frigggggg! Oh well.

rick is! said...

no worries. I knew it wouldn't happen.