Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This, I could get used to

Placed an order at Bikeman.com yesterday. Nothing too crazy, just stuff I needed like a replacement frame pump since my current one falls apart when I try to use it. It still looks good when it's mounted on the road bike though. I know what you're thinking. Frame pump? How gauche! Well, I'll be hopelessly irrelevant anyday if it means I don't have to remember to pack a mini pump (and 30 minutes to pump up a flat tire) or wasteful CO2 cartridges. We can't all be Lancy-pants you know. I also ordered the much anticipated pogies to make my winter riding more comfy, just in time for 40 degree weather. My timing has already been impeccable. Thirdly (or firstly on the list) is a headlamp for the spud. Apparently she's a vampire because she refuses to play outside during the day but after daylight, she's all about going out in the snow so this will allow her to and will serve as my backup light I'll keep tucked in one of my Ergon packs. And finally, last on the list is an item that I never thought I'd buy again, SPD style cleats. I've been on Time pedals for years now and will never go back (as long as they're in bidness) but, unfortunately, the spin class bikes have only spd pedals or toe straps so I picked up a cheapy pair to put on a pair of old mtn bike shoes.

Product Quantity Price/Ea Total
Princeton Tec Fuel 4 LED Headlamp Black 1
Bar Mitts MTN/Commuter Black OSFA 1
Planet Bike Ozone Roadie Large Frame Pump 1
Wellgo 98A SPD Style Cleats 1

Shipping: In Store Pick-Up $0.00

Sales Tax $3.82

Gift Certificate:BMAN-BUCKS-Bn6v2eow (xxx)

Total $5.16

So, to get to the point and stop all the rambling, the total for all of those items came $5.16 with tax. Purty good if you ask me, of course it's mostly due to my mother giving me a gift certificate for x-mas but still, I'll take $5 totals any day since my typical Bikeman bill is hundreds of dollars and they happen far too frequently. I'm quite certain that if I were to total up a years worth of bike expenditures and show Marcy my riding/racing days might be numbered. We've talked about this before and somehow, I was able to distract her with something shiny while I waved my arms around and changed the subject.

Come to think of it, she's probably reading this right now! Look, a beautiful trinket! Let's go out for dinner...


Marcy said...

I'm thinking I will be buying more than one pair of new shoes in Vegas!

Big Bikes said...

Frame pumps are awesome.