Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Grips are Packed and I'm Ready to Party!

Last night I did two things to ensure a successful Vegas mini vacation. I reserved two Specialized FSR Epic Comp 29'ers and packed my riding duds pedals AND grips! I'm not sure how many people are as ravenously devoted to their grips as I am but the thought of doing two three hour rides without them had my hands aching and spontaneously forming blisters. Plus, they fit nicely into my riding shoes so no extra space was required in our luggage. Bonus.

I'm totally psyched to ride at both Bootleg Canyon and Cottonwood (one on Friday afternoon and the other Saturday whenever we crawl out of bed). The closest I've ever come to desert type riding was when Marcy and I were in Bend Oregon many years ago. There was lots of sand but it didn't really feel like true desert riding. But, then again, for all I know these two places could be located in Nevada's famous desert rain forest and it'll be so humid it'll feel like I'm wearing yesterday's chamois over my head...

I'm also pretty psyched to be trying out a full suspension 29'er. My Dos is the closest I have to full sus and it's a sweet ride but I do wonder what 90mm (I think that's somewhere between 1 & 6 inches american) will do to the trail. I just hope that I don't fall in love and find myself on gears and suspension next season. I'm not that weak.


the original big ring said...

damn - a trip south would totally put the spark back in my plug . . . motivation is ebbing and flowing these days

have a blast down there

Jason said...

Enjoy the warm weather and the bike. It's always nice to ride someone else's fs. Let them take care of all those moving parts!