Monday, January 25, 2010

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Last week was a bad week for commuting. We got pounded with snow over the previous weekend and then we had off and on snow through the week. Not horrible conditions but bad enough that it wouldn't be smart to ride given the slickness of the roads. I would like to note that I was not at all concerned about me having traction or seeing properly. With my Nokian studded tires mounted up and my Dinotte lights blazing the way I would be fine if I was out there on my own but throw 2 ton rolling death buckets into the mix and things change. If there is any chance that the apathetic owner of said death bucket won't be able to see me or may slide into me because of road conditions than I do the right thing by my family and stay clear. So, during weeks like last week I spend a lot of time checking and peering out my cubicle window (yeah so what if I work in a cubicle, at least the entire wall I'm on is filled with northern light emitting windows (good move on my part to pick this side of the office so that I get perfect light without any glare)) at the glimpse of rt 27 so see what the road conditions are like. One day last week, the road was blissfully clear all day so I decided to ride home and back in in the morning. Things went peachy right up until it was time to leave when a light snow started. I figured it would be no problem until I was out on the road. My conditions were fine but I began to worry about the car folks, their travel lane was still clear but the snow picked up while I was out there and things started to change. I was on egg shells the whole ride and played things uber cautious and made it fine but next time if the snow starts before my ride, I may opt out.
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