Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I "accidentally" left work a bit early yesterday to squeeze a ride in with my buddy Kev. We were supposed to ride at lunch up in my neck of the woods but, as I mentioned yesterday, the wanker didn't bring his bike. Unfortunately for me, a ride was already in my head and there was no getting it out so a new plan was hatched which involved riding near his place. His ride window as under an hour so I decided to hit Bradbury for an hour beforehand to make the trip worth it. It was butt frickin cold but it was nice to be in the saddle again after a couple of weeks off.

singletrack in Bradbury

post Bradbury with me sportin the hat marcy knit for me for x-mas.
look, another person!
Kev's made the jump into rigid ss'ing on some of his rides this year. I like to take credit for that even if it's not true.
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Wheels said...

So we can ride @ Bradbury in the winter?

rick is! said...

assuming the conditions are rideable, yeah.

Wheels said...