Monday, January 04, 2010


It turns out that it's harder to get your groove back than I originally realized. A few weeks of sloth (and a sweet new first person shooter Wii game) had made it hard for me to drum up the motivation to do anything active. Lucky for me, the Bath gang was heading out for a ride on New Year's Eve just as the weekend's snowstorm was rolling into town. I took the opportunity to get what might be the final single track ride for the next 3-4 months(unless Hill Junkie and I can hook up on the cape this winter). Four of us headed out only a half hour late (or right on schedule if you're going by Channing Time) just as the first flurries were starting. We were greeted with mostly bare trails at the start of the ride and somewhere between 2 & 3 inches of fresh new fluff by rides end. It was a great way to send of the old year.

Then, on Sunday, after I got warmed up by shoveling 16" of fresh snow I was psyched to get out for the year's first snow shoe adventure with the fam. It would be Brynna's first time on her own snowshoes. If you're at all interested, you can read a bit more here.
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Hill Junkie said...

New Year's Eve was a great day to get out. I hit Willowdale SF for 2.3hrs on frozen, bare Earth. The ground turned white just as I finished around noon.

The Cape has some snow right now. This link shows live webcam of Bourne Rotary, very close to the Otis trail system. Some warmer weather this week might burn it off. Chance I could head down there on Saturday if trails are confirmed clear.

rick is! said...

keep me posted on when you may be headed down after this month. it's going to be ballz to the wallz to try and get things done before we head to vegas at the end of the month.